Featured Customers

Bowne International
"Vintara provides Bowne International - Canada with a fully customized solution, adaptable to our specific requirements, and easy to implement and maintain with limited costs. In addition, Vintara offers excellent technical support along with expert consulting which aides us in achieving our goals."
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U.S. Tsubaki
"As Corporate Quality Manager and ISO Management Representative for eight facilities located throughout the U.S. I needed to find a system that would allow me to help document and control our quality management system. The criteria for the system I needed was that it is; accessible, easy to use, flexible, reasonable cost, good technical support, and reliable. The system I was looking for had to help us meet the new requirements of ISO 9000:2000 and TS 16949."
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Accuship, Inc.
"We are an eight-year-old company with clients such as Coca-Cola, Sprint, Accenture, Goldman Sachs, Hoffman LaRoche and many other Fortune 1000 companies. A few months ago we began to evaluate our systems to ensure they would scale and support our exceptional growth. Vintara and their ISO9 brand gave us an opportunity to fine-tune (and in several ways completely overhaul) them."
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Sanarus Medical
"Sanarus Medical, Inc. was recently inspected, approved and licensed to manufacture and distribute medical devices within the state of California in addition to being approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration as an establishment for the manufacture and distribution of medical devices. The Vintara application was utilized throughout the audit and compliance process to 21 CFR Part 11 Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures; Final Rule was challenged."
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The Intrausa Group, Inc.
"IntraUSA is a startup company with limited resources. In order to sell our products to the trucking OEM and Automotive manufacturers we must be a QS 9000 certified supplier. After evaluating other options, we chose Vintara's ISO9 brand to help us meet the QS 9000 requirements."
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