Vintara announces new release to FDA Compliant QMS Portal


SAN FRANCISCO, CA, August 5, 2009

Vintara, the leading provider of fully automated, web-based ISO 13485, FDA 21 CFR, Part 11, and CE Mark compliant quality management solutions and services, announces its latest QMS release. The successful August Release contains the following enhancements:


  • Cross-browser navigational compatibility – An alternative ExtJS-based user interface allows cross-browser compatibility
  • Optional removal of ActiveX dependency for navigation and attachments, no ActiveX plug-ins
  • Global Firewall Links – Configuration of firewall links to access content stored within the organization’s intranet
  • User-defined data elements (FlexFields) inherit into new versions – FlexField values inherit the stored value into new document versions
  • Optional alpha version support – Controlled documents may display an alpha revision rather than a version number
  • WYSIWYG text formatting – Text editor has been deployed for the primary body field to provide the ability to apply font formatting, insert images, and paste content, including tables, from Microsoft Office or other preformatted content
New Features
  • Clickable link to Supplier
  • Customer Feedback Information Populates Corrective Action Request
  • Feedback Closed email to Submitter – Administrators may configure optional feedback email notification to be sent to the submitter

Rob Power, Vintara's Director of Engineering stated, "It doesn’t matter if you are a medical device manufacturer, Director of Regulatory Affairs, or a CE Mark supplier – measurement creates accountability. You get results by tracking ownership of data and completion of activities. Measurement is essential in quantifying performance gaps and providing insights into root causes of inadequate performance. Our latest release enables an enterprise to quantify and measure activity enterprise-wide. You make informed business decisions and reduce costs while improving both company performance and customer satisfaction. The integrated QMS utilizes user-defined Key Performance Indicators to tell at a glance what’s running smoothly and what needs attention. On Line Analytical Processing provides answers to analytical queries that can be dimensional in nature. The information populates dashboards and balanced scorecards allowing drill down on areas of interest or different perspectives. Dashboards and Balanced Scorecards display your information in a simple, graphical format indicating areas of concern, trends, limits surpassed, or performance gaps. Our latest release maps and measures performance vis-à-vis the enterprise’s goals, objectives, or compliance requirements."

About Vintara: Founded in 1997, Vintara is the leading provider of web-based enterprise quality and performance management solutions and services meeting such recognized international standards as ISO 13485, CMDCAS, and CE Mark. Vintara delivers solutions that enable organizations to manage a range of key business processes setting the path to continual improvement. As a "standards agnostic portal", Vintara's QMS maintains compliance, seamlessly execute organizational tasks and audits, and reduces overall cost. To achieve consistency, firms must architect repeatable and automated best practices that are consistent with the enterprise's objectives. Whether a hosted or an in-house server option or ISO standard – Vintara delivers the solutions that help the enterprise manage their key business processes setting the path to continual improvement.



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